Breast (Page 2)

  • Shish Kebab

    Product prepared from poultry meat cut into cubes, which after its mixed with a comercial prepare is marinated and finally pricked on bamboo sticks to be packaged.

  • Shish Kebab Chicken breast Tacos

    Product prepared with injected chicken breast cut in to cubes, which after its mixed with acommercial prepared is marinated and finally packaged.

  • Superfine breast chicken fillets


    • Energetic value: 469 Kj / 112 Kcal
    • Fat: 3 gr (of which 0’9 gr saturated)
    • Carbohydrates: 1’3 gr (of which 0’6 gr sugar)
    • Dietary fiber: <1 gr
    • Proteins: 20’0 gr
    • Salt: 0’18 gr
    • Sodium: 0’1 gr