Chicken and cheese burger

Chicken and cheese burger

Quick description:

Burger meat prepared. Chicken and cheese burger


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    • Box 7355 bicolo box
    • Box 7102 terracotta box P.F.
    • Box 9512 Europool box of 20x40x20 cm
    • Box 9511 Europool box of 20x40x10 cm


  • 1.- Conservation: Packaging plus 8 days. Consume in 2 days after opening container. In a clean place and temperature between 0 and 4 ºC
  • 2.- Use: Cook the product completely before consuming.
  • 3.- Transport: Temperature between 0 and 4 ºC
  • 4.- User: Population in general except allergic to sulfites and milk and / or derivatives (including lactose)


  • 1.- Composition: Chicken meat (75%), cheese (9.1%), cheese, butter, milk protein, potato starch, emulsifiers (E-330, E-331), salt, colorant (E-160b), anti-caking agent ( potato starch), water, corn, sunflower oil, maltodextrin, spices, aroma, yeast extract, antioxidant (E-300, E-301), preservative (sodium sulfite E-221), pea fiber, dextrin, dextrose, dye (E-120), acidity correctors (E-262, E-331) and natural extracts of spices.
  • 2.- Presentation: Thermosealed tray in a protective atmosphere.
  • 3.- Microbiological criteria:
    ___1.) E.coli: <500 ufc/g (n=5; c=2; m=500; M=5000) ___2.) L.monocitogenes: absence in 25 g.
    ___3.) G.A.T.: <100.000 ufc/g --- <10.000.000 ufc/g ___4.) Enterobacteria: <1.000 ufc/g --- <10.000 ufc/g ___5.) Salmonella: absence in 25 g.
  • 4.- Polluting criteria: Regulation (CE) 1881/2006

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