Florida Products is a Spanish company specialized in the production of poultry which brings together all the production processes, from breeding, to the processing of poultry to the consumer

Our maximum premise in managing our production is to guarantee the consumer that our meat has followed a regulated and controlled process from the farm to the table. This comprehensive and vertical production allows to have a strict control on the quality of the product offered, from the purity of the chickens, the intensive care of the quality of feed and the veterinary control, to the transport, slaughter, processing and packaging of chicken meat which arrives to the consumers table.

Therefore, Florida Products is composed by breeding, reproduction, multiplication and production farms, the feed factory, the incubator room, as well as the processing plant and the technical services of health care, carriers and the delegations of distribution. All of them under the Quality Department constant surveillance of 365 a year.


Within the cycle of primary production, Florida Products has an own reproductive cabin with hens of the varieties of Cobb and Ross, whose offspring will be the future of meat-producing chickens.

Breeding farms · Breeding farms in multiplication · Production farms


The embryonated eggs produced in our production farms are transported with strict hygiene measures to the incubation room. There the eggs are classified according to their size, those whose shell is suitable are selected and placed in modern incubators completely sanitized.

Incubators faithfully reproduce the natural environment needed for the embryo to develop. The technology applied in the incubators imitates the nature in a perfect way, programming and maintaining the temperature, humidity and the level of CO2, suitable to every day they spend in these departments.

After the incubation process, eggs are mved to special rooms where the birth of chicks and hatching occurs. Once all the chicks are born and their down is dry, they are chosen one by one by expert hands responsible to control the quality and are installed in special boxes and in air-conditioned vans are moved to farms for fattening. In our incubation rooms 6 births per week are produced, which means more than 20 million chickens per year are born.


In Florida Products we produce our own feed, because we consider it is the way which offers more guarantee and confidence and the entire process of raising chicks is carried out at the maximum levels of quality and hygiene we require to our farms.

The feed manufacturing plant, located in Vila-Real (Castellón) was built in 1976 and currently has a constructed area of 6,250 m2, and an annual production of 100,000 tons of feed.

Nowadays we produce a compound feeding stuff different for each one of the stages of the growth of the bird. Thus, we control scientifically the food to provide the chickens an optimum development.

To achieve excellence in the quality of feed, rigorous safety and hygiene controls are applied to all raw materials used for its production, ensuring the quality of nutrients and health of the animals. In addition, our feed is only used for raising our own chickens.


Florida Products processing plant is located in Almassora. It occupies a total area of 15,000 square meters and it is equipped with the most modern technological equipment to ensure the strict compliance with the standards of security, safety and hygiene.

But in addition, in an important bet to ensure our customers a control of quality, this plant has the top mechanized and computerized systems of traceability in the processes which are applied there: daze, sacrifice, pluck, eviscerate, and classify. Allowing to avoid the direct manipulation of the product, eliminating healthy risks health and at the same time to ensure respect for animal treatment.

 Currently the plant processes 50000 tons of kilos of birds a year. Around 40% of the production is destined to the traditional distribution channels whereas the remaining 60% is earmarked to distribution in supermarkets.

 More than 200 people, including employees and cooperative workers, safeguard the work of the processing plant in order to develop these tasks professionally and under stricter conditions of food security.


The cutting plant of Florida Product is integrated in the Processing Plant facilities. There and thanks to a team of professionals in the meat sector, the different parts of a chicken are obtained. (breasts, wings, rump, thighs, schnitzels and drumsticks).

Thanks to the investment in the modernization of the plant, Florida Products, offers multiple chicken meat products packed in different formats, with protective atmosphere or without it, fixed weight or variable, etc. to be able to satisfy the demands of our customers.

All this with a premise: minimum handling and maximum quality control.